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L2 i-CON is a leading global platform that provide digital learning and professional services digitalisation. L2 i-CON was founded in a time that movement of the people was completely restricted due to the unprecedented pandemic and on the belief of connecting and knowledge sharing. L2 i-CON has since invested many resources and hours towards creating contents and solutions that connect industries and improve business efficiencies through digital learning and business transformation. 

L2 i-CON is a journey which we live out our values every day as learners. We are committed to personal and professional development and will continue to challenge ourselves to lead and drive digital transformation.

There are three main pillars of the services offered by L2 i-CON:

1. – a Digital Reading and Learning Portal is a digital reading and learning portal that covers a broad range of topics that are useful to people from various industries. is thoroughly interdisciplinary and our materials are produced to focus on hybrid reading for both leisure and professional readers.

Our materials are contributed by independent thinkers who are either experienced industry experts or rising stars who are aiming for the top. They have ideas and, most importantly, they embrace new ideas. Our collection of reading and learning materials will give companies and individuals a portal to promote learning pleasure and develop expertise.

2. Digitalisation Consultancy Services

In this day and age, all businesses must rethink their workflows and operation with some degree of digital adoption. With seemingly endless possibilities or ways to go digital available to businesses and many of these are based on advanced techniques which require highly specialized knowledge or are still in experimental stage, L2 i-CON offers a one-stop-solution digitalization consultancy services from tailored in-house training, system consultation to software and hardware selections and integration.

L2 i-CON’s Legal Tech Services offer a paperless and virtual hearing ready legal firm.

We have a proven team and our experience will help to avoid your business becoming the arena of experimental and the subject of uncertain trial-and error approach that would only guarantee incurring costs.

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3. Virtual Event Hosting and Organising Services

Virtual event is a next level branding device and the quality of it represents the image of a business brand. Say goodbye to one-sided and boring webinars. L2 i-CON has vast experience in hosting and organizing virtual events and offers one-stop services to businesses to hold virtual open ceremony, virtual launching, virtual training, virtual conference and virtual exhibition.

We can help businesses, through virtual events, expand audience reach and drive interactive engagement for marketing, networking, sales, training and other purpose. Contact us for more information.